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Monday, September 1, 2014

Good, good memories with our "Bad, Bad Babies"

Karl as Vizzini, Kiana as Buttercup,
Ben as Wesley in our "Princess Bride"
In the month before Michaela left on her mission, she had a mission of her fill every day creating fun memories with her family. One of the things she insisted on was that we make a music video. At first, we had a hard time getting motivated. Then we had a hard time finding an open day when we were all home. It was also hard to find a good song to use in our video. We LOVE Sandra Boynton's CD's and have almost all of them. She writes such fun and clever music. We finally decided on "Bad, Bad Babies." No, we don't think that our babies are bad, but it's just a cute song from the perspective of a 5 year old who is fed up with babies and toddlers who are always being naughty. 
Fezzik (Dallin) climbs the
"Cliffs of Insanity" with Inigo
Montoya (Kandra), Vizzini and
So, we FINALLY got around to filming our little music video on Michaela's very last day at home and we created some very fun memories in the process. The little ones had fun being "bad babies" and we had fun doing something goofy together as a family.
We always have fun making our "movies". We filmed a "Princess Bride" spoof the week before Ben left on his mission (as you can see in the photos), however, I'm not posting that one, even though it's hilarious (at least it is for us). We also made a "Finding Nemo" video earlier this year, where we all swam around like fish...just goofy stuff, but good memories. Sometimes good memories are spontaneous and sometimes you really have to do a lot of planning to make them happen. But either way, they are priceless and  make up the strong foundation stones in our family structure. Each family has those funny goofy moments that tie them together and make them stronger. It's so important to celebrate those moments and to record them for our children and our posterity, because those moments are the foundation on which our children will build their future families.